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FedEx Home & Ground

ID#: 6408 - Location: Bronx

Weekly Net: $7,200

Net over $7,200.00 a week after all expenses including drivers and managers....Gross annual sales over 1.2 Million.....These Fedex Routes for sale that turn out of the Bronx consist of 5- Home Routes, 5- Supplemental Routes and 3- Ground Routes....The routes deliver to areas such as the Bronx, Rye, Mamaroneck and Harrison...The routes also include 16 vehicles that have been very well maintained....This is a rare opportunity and is a turn key operation...Serious inquires only and proof of funds are required....1.4 Million Total....Please call Steve for more information (800) 769-0927.
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Pepperidge Farm Cookie

ID#: 5331 - Location: Midtown

Weekly Net: $900

Net $900 a week after all expenses for only working 3 days a week.....Gross weekly sales between $4,000 and $5,000.....This Rare Pepperidge Farm Cookie route for sale is located in Midtown Manhattan and has enormous growth potential.....The hours and the days are very flexible....The route has approximately 20 accounts such as 10 Duane Reads, CV's several broad cast studios and cash accounts....The route also includes a 1989 Grumann 14ft truck with only 180k miles, computer and printer also included.....265k Steve for more information (800) 769-0927.
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JJ Casone Bread

ID#: 5354 - Location: Phillipsburg

Weekly Net: $1,000

Net $1,000 a week after all expenses....Gross weekly sales $4,000....This JJ Casone Bread route for sale picks up product in Snydersville, Pennsylvania. The route delivers to stop in New Jersey such as Belverde, Columbia, Clinton, Washington and more....It also has stops in Lehigh Pennsylvania such as Easton and Bethlehem....The route is a seven day week route with approximately 25 stops...The route also includes two trucks 1- 2007 Chevy Express 2500 and 1- 2005 GMC Savanah 3500. The route also has a helper available to drive a couple days a week if needed...only 69k Steve for more information (800) 769-0927.
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ID#: 5378 - Location: Somerset

Weekly Net: $1,620

Net $1,620 a week after all expenses for working 4 days a week...Gross weekly sales $9,400...This Snyders Route for sale turns out of Lakewood, New Jersey and covers areas such as Piscataway, Somerset, South Plainsfield and Middlesex....The route consists of 19 stops including 2- Shop Rites, 1- Stop&Shop, 2- A&P's, 1- Pathmark, 1- Walmart,1- Target and more....The route also includes a 2006 Isuzu FFR 26ft Box truck...125kdwn...340k Steve for more information (800) 769-0927.
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FedEx Home

ID#: 5403 - Location: Hayward

Weekly Net: $2,200

Net $2,200.00 a week after all expenses just to manage....Gross annual sales over $470,000.00....These Fedex Home Routes for sale turn out of the Freemont terminal and the routes cover the entire city of Hayward....The routes include 3 routes and 3 supplemental routes and include six trucks, 3- 2008 P-700's and 3- 2004 GMC 10ft Box trucks....350k total....please call for more information (800) 769-0927.
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Utz & Bachman

ID#: 5395 - Location: Brooklyn

Weekly Net: $1,200

Net $1,000 a week after all expenses.....Gross weekly sales $6,800....This Utz&Bachman route for sale delivers to beautiful areas of Brooklyn such as Bayridge, Bensonhurst, Sunset Park and more....The route is the closest route to the terminal and has a great mix of cash accounts as well as major accounts including Target, 3- Pathmarks, Keyfood, C-Town and more....the route also includes a 2004 Ford box truck...only 135k total...please call Steve for more information (800) 769-0927.
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