All Available Route Listings

 Route NumberRoute TypeTotal PriceDown PaymentWeekly NetCityStateDescription
5799FedEx Home & Ground$1,250,000$1,250,000$6,900AustellGANet $6,900 a week after all expenses including drivers and a manager....Gross annual sales over $1,500,000.....These FedEx Home and Ground Routes for sale turn out of the Austell Georgia terminal and meet the new ISP criteria.....These routes include 17 trucks that are in excellent condition and will have clear titles at closing....They also have both the Home and Ground side for all there zip codes which include towns such as Villa Rica, Mableton, Temple, Taylorsville, Rockmart, Winston, Atlanta and Aragon....Total sales price $1,250,000.00.....Serious inquires only and proof of funds are required.....Please call for more information (800) 769-0927.
5730Mission Foods$69,000$69,000$750SavannahGANet $750 a week after all expenses for working 35-40 hours a week, the days and hours are flexible....Gross weekly sales $4,000....This Missions Food route for sale is being split by the owner due to the fast growth.....The route includes stops such as 3- Publix, 3- Krogers, 2- Walmarts, 1- Sam's Club, 1- Target and more....This route does not include a vehicle....only 69k total.....Please call for more information. (800) 769-0927.