All Available Route Listings

 Route NumberRoute TypeTotal PriceDown PaymentWeekly NetCityStateDescription
5741Utz & Bachman$66,000$66,000$800YonkersNYNet $800 a week after all expenses for only working 4 days a week.....Gross weekly sales average $5,000.....This Utz&Bachman route for sale picks up product in the Bronx and delivers to the Hunts Point area and Yonkers...The route goes out 4 days a week and the days and hours are flexible....The route has a great mix of cash accounts as well as major accounts that include Walgreens, Associated, Dollar Tree, KeyFood, Fine Fairs and more....The route also includes a 1999 Chevy Utility-master truck....only 66k total price...Please call for more information (800) 769-0927.